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Curiously Creative Laser Designs

The Laughing Peach is a place where you can create something truly unique! Our team specializes in creating one-of-a-kind designs for any occasion. We specialize in laser engraving and cutting, woodworking, and crafting personalized gifts for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a custom sign for your business, a special gift for someone you love, or a unique item to add to your home, we've got you covered. We strive to make sure every item we create is of the highest quality and we guarantee your satisfaction. Visit us today and let us help you create something special!

For those looking to make a lasting impression, The Laughing Peach is your go-to source. Our unique and creative crafts are perfect for corporate events, tradeshows, and more. Our owner, with her years of experience in the corporate world, understands the importance of creating an impressive presence. She is dedicated to helping her customers stand out from the competition and make a lasting impact. With our wide selection of custom-made crafts, you will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

My Story

Shae Brown, Artist and Owner photograph

Hi my name is Shae Brown, I live in the quaint little town of Covington, Georgia.  You may know my hometown better as none other than Mystic Falls Virginia (if you are a Vampire Diaries fan).  I grew up in Covington and after a decade of working and going to school in the Carolinas, I moved back home!  

I am a scientist by trade, but I have always had the heart and soul of an artist.  I love to create and learn new ways to create beautiful designs and works of art, hence my "Curiously Creative" tagline.  I am always on a journey to learn new techniques in both my professional and personal endeavors.  

I was graciously gifted a Glowforge, and it's been a love story ever since.  I have learned new programs to make files for both laser engraving and cutting machines such as the Cricut, and have found a new outlet for my art.  My current focuses are on designing files for myself and other creatives, as well as working to provide local businesses with personalized products for their shops.  

Thank you for visiting the Laughing Peach and please reach out if there is anything I can help you bring to life!


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